• protéger-ma-famille

    My Ruby Card…
    Protects my family

    For my peace of mind, it brings together all my family health data. I can be contacted immediately in case of an emergency.

  • securisez-vos-voyages

    My Ruby Card…
    Secures my journey.

    My universal and multilingual card for an easy communication with any medical practitioner abroad.

  • vieillir-sereinement-avec-elle

    My Ruby Card... Always in my pocket

    it classifies and gathers all my medical history for an improved medical monitoring and decision making.

  • tant-besoin-d-elle

    My Ruby Card…

    The card I trust to brings together all my health data.

  • #

    My Ruby Card...

    The life saver card.

My Ruby Card is essential in case of an emergency. It displays your essential medical data to make it available in case of an emergency.

My Ruby Card is the easiest and the most convenient way, for your family and yourself, to have a universal access to your medical when you travel abroad.

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My Ruby Card is a digital and connectable card for the storage and organization of your medically validated data.

On a universal media, multi-lingual and secure, it ensures a reliable communication with medical practitioners at home and abroad in case of emergency.

D’après les statistiques, 15 millions de personnes se rendent chaque année en France aux Urgences. Le déficit d’informations médicales rend la tâche des urgentistes plus délicate dans leur prise de décision et dans l’instantanéité de celle-ci.

Intended for public at large, My Ruby Card concerns each of us in our daily life.

Simply insert My Ruby Card into the USB port of your computer and follow the easy steps for activating it online, then fill your health data.

Always keep this card with you at any time (in your wallet), this will enable health professionals to access you medical data for a better and more effective medical follow up.

The simplest and quickest solution to get My Ruby Card is to purchase it directly from our website through our secure online payment system. Upon reception of your order, your card will be shipped within 48 hours

You can also get it in your pharmacy; the network of pharmacies marketing My Ruby Card grows every week.

My Ruby Card is useful in many personal or professional situations. Here is a selection of clients’ feedbacks to get an overall idea of the numerous benefits of My Ruby Card.

Client's feedback :

  • Micheline B (Nice)

    Congratulations on this initiative! My husband and I travel a lot, especially since we are retired. None of us speaks English, and this is a real challenge that we had to face in our recent trip to Spain. With your card, we will feel reassured if a medical emergency happens again.

    Micheline B (Nice)

  • Stéphane C (Paris)

    Sales manager for an engineering group I travel by car all the time. The idea of this card seems very useful but will you provide any sticker to place on the windshield stating the presence of this card in case of an accident?

    Stéphane C (Paris)

  • Laurence M (Pertuis)

    Suffering from several allergies and having a heavy medical family history, I am very interested in your card to store and keep with me the tons of documents and information detailing my various pathologies. I'm looking forward to try it.

    Laurence M (Pertuis)